10 Reasons why Allegro’s Facility is Second to None!

Allegro School of Dance has been serving the Oakville community for 19+ years under the same trusted Ownership and Direction. Read below to find out why everyone is talking about our new facility!

1. Five oversized studios – all with professionally sprung Harlequin floors, natural light, high ceilings, wall-to-wall mirrors and anchored barres

Studio Pic 13

2. Parent viewing windows leading into all dance studios


3. Professional sound systems installed in every classroom


4. Bright, comfortable family-friendly waiting area with free Wi-Fi

Studio Pic 11

5. Quiet homework room for dancers and their families


6. Large, clean changing rooms for boys and girls

Studio Pic 15

7. Ample well-lit parking to accommodate all classrooms


8. Convenient and safe drop off area for parents and dancers

Studio Pic & Our New Facility

9. Security surveillance cameras monitoring common areas and dance studios


10. Convenience to numerous shopping centres and amenities



See why Allegro is Oakville’s dance studio of choice!

 Allegro School of Dance has been serving the Oakville community for 19+ years under the same trusted Ownership and Direction. Visit us today to see why we we will always be your #1 choice for Dance Classes in Oakville!

√..Professionally sprung floating “Harlequin” dance floors – for injury prevention.


√..Parent viewing windows to every studioyou always see what is happening in the classroom at all times.

√..Security surveillance camerasfor student’s safety.

√..Full time desk staffso instructors can focus on teaching instead of dealing with administrative issues.

√..Qualified Teachersaccredited by RAD,  CDTA, Imperial Society of Dance, Russian Society of Dance, PAEC, Cecchetti Society and union member with ACTRA & EQUITY. High school students will  never be your child’s primary teacher.

√..Dancers taught and motivated by encouragementteachers are hired not only for their accreditation but also for their character and disposition with their students.

√..Recreational and Competitive Dancers share the same teachers, studio space and perform in the same recital – all dancers receive equally qualified instruction regardless of their level.


√..Several levels of the same dance style offered for students of different ages and abilitiesyour 9 year old will not be in the same class as a 5 year old.

√..More choice with days and TimesWe have 5 studios running classes so there is sure to be an appropriate class that works with YOUR busy schedule.

√..Proven training track recordseveral students have been accepted to professional intensives and full-time programs at the Royal Winnipeg, Quinte, School of American Ballet, Ryerson University’s Theatre Program & Canada’s National Ballet School.

√..Recital costumes included in yearly tuition feesthere will be no surprise invoices throughout the year and you will not be responsible for sewing your own recital costume.

√..Recitals in a professional theatre with affordable ticket pricingbringing your entire family to the recital will not break your bank.

√..Comparable pricing to all other dance studiosyou will pay the same but receive more.


√..No fundraisingyou will never be asked to raise money to supplement studio costs.

√..Customer appreciation barbecue & “Fun Day”bonding celebration for dancers and their families, all free of charge.

√..Fun dance classes and friendly studio atmosphereit is possible to provide good training in a motivating and uplifting environment so that dancers leave with a smile on their face.


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4 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Registering For Dance Lessons

1. What type of Dance Floor is used?


Dance is a physical activity which involves a lot of jumping. This can put stress on bones and joints if it not practiced on the proper floor. Since dance footwear does not provide cushioning or support, the shock of a hard floor can create pressure on the knees, ankles and back of a dancer and lead to injuries such as shin splints, stress fractures and tired joints. It is crucial that even the youngest dancers begin their training on a professionally sprung “floating” floor that provides the right cushion and give for the demands of dance. A floating floor is one that rests on individual high density foam based cushions to absorb the shock of jumping and landing.

The top layer of the dance floor is also an important factor. A vinyl/linoleum “Harlequin” is accepted worldwide as the surface for recreational and professional dance. Renowned companies such as the National Ballet of Canada, The New York City Ballet and The Royal Ballet in London all use Harlequin as their dance surface. This type of floor allows the right amount slide and traction to eliminate slips and falls. Regardless of the added expense, a Harlequin floor is the best and first choice of almost all major professional dance companies.

All of our studios are equipped with floating floors and Harlequin surfaces so that our dancers reduce the risk of injury and can dance longer without becoming fatigued.


2. Are all dancers qualified to teach children?


Dance Teachers should be chosen and hired because of their credentials, experience and character. Many performers are wonderful dancers, but are they qualified to teach? Do they have experience maintaining control of a classroom? Are they clear with their instruction and prepared? Do they communicate well in an approachable way? And, are they patient and good with kids?

Often the two are confused, but it is so important that a dance instructor is not only an accomplished performer, but also a skilled teacher. It is always recommended that a teacher has experience on stage, however it is probably more important that they have logged enough hours in the studio so that they can effectively communicate to all of their students regardless of their learning approach.

At Allegro, we only hire supportive and kind, experienced instructors with reputable teaching credentials. Of course, our teachers are also seasoned performers with affiliation and members of reputable unions such as  ACTRA and EQUITY, but they are also accredited with teaching associations such as CDTA, PAEC, Cecchetti, The Imperial System and The Russian Society of Dance. You can rest assured that staff at Allegro School of Dance will never be learning on the job.

Click the LINK below to find out why our instructors are second to none!

Learn From The Best at Allegro!

3.  What are the “extras” required for the year end show?


Most studios put on a year-end show in a professional theatre. As part of the show, students participating must have a costume for their dance routine.

Some studios may require parents to sew their own costume or find a seamstress to sew it for them. Or, you may be required to buy specific items from assigned stores that may or may not have your size in stock. Needless to say, this is can be very inconvenient and time consuming for busy parents, not to mention costly. If you are at a studio that supplies the costume, you will likely receive what may be an unexpected costume invoice throughout the year so that your dancer’s outfit is ordered and made. Often the cost of the costume is determined mid-year and the price could be a big surprise.

At Allegro School of Dance, all recreational dance recital costumes are included in the tuition. You will never receive a surprise invoice and costume fees will never inflate or be adjusted throughout the year. As parents at Allegro, you do not have to worry about any costume hassles.  We work with professional companies to ensure that all recreational and competitive dancers will have a beautiful costume that is custom ordered to fit every child at no additional cost.


4. Can I get immediate assistance and customer service?




In many studios, the teacher or the studio owner conducts classes and also does the administration. By trying to do two jobs at once, the class may suffer as the teacher has to use class time for customer service issues. Or, if the teacher is in class, there may not be anyone available to help you with your questions and you may have to wait until classes are over to hear back from the studio. To ensure a good experience, it is important to choose a studio that can always assist you with details such as scheduling, student absences and make-up classes, invoice inquires and costume details to name just a few.

Even if all teachers are busy in their classroom, Allegro School of Dance has office staff on hand before classes start and during regular scheduled class times so that you can get immediate assistance at YOUR convenience.



See why Allegro is Oakville’s dance studio of choice!



Allegro Alumni – Where are they now?

Over the years, many talented dancers have graced the studios at Allegro School of Dance! While we have many future “Stars in Training”, it’s also nice to see the latest accomplishments of some Allegro Alumni who are continuing to work in the industry. Congrats to all of you and we can’t wait to follow your success over the coming years!

Olivia Lecomte

Olivia 2017

Olivia was one of our original Competitive Dancers at Allegro and had the good fortune to join the National Ballet School and continue her classical training. While at the ballet school, she was fortune to dance the lead role of Marie/Clara in the Nutcracker with the NBOC and also receive several scholarships to train abroad. After graduating from NBS, she completed her dance degree in Holland at Codarts University and just recently, Olivia accepted a full-time contract to dance with The Tanz Luzerner Theatre in Lucerne, Switzerland and is pursuing a very promising career in Modern Dance. The Tanz Luzerner Theatre is one among the most avant-garde dance companies in Europe and we are so happy to see your dreams unfold just as you always wished they would!

Sarah Macdonald

Sarah 2017

Some of you may remember Sarah as our Saturday office administrator and also as a dancer at Allegro. Over the past couple years, Sarah has been fortunate to travel the world working as a model and actress for many well known labels such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Canada Goose, Roots, Follie and Follie and Giorgio Armani, to name just a few. She has also had the opportunity to work on many movies and has appeared on the cover of several magazines including Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. This September, Sarah will begin her Masters of Clinical Science in Audiology and Hearing Disorders at the University of Western Ontario, while continuing to dance and model. Congrats Sarah… study hard and we’ll continue to watch out for you on the runway!


Natalie Smith

Natalie 2017

Natalie joined Allegro School of Dance the first year we opened our doors, running classes from a church gymnasium! Over the years Natalie has trained as a Competitive Dancer at Allegro and  has worked on several TV series including The Next Step and Backstage. Last year, Natalie graduated high school and will be attending Ryerson University’s Dance Program. Good luck Natalie; we are excited to see what’s next for you!


Mary Paterson

Mary 2017

Mary was one of the very first dancers to join the Allegro Competitive Program in 2004. After her training at Allegro, she went on to complete her BFA in Dance at Ryerson University and just graduated this year. Presently, Mary is beginning her professional career as a dancer and is also teaching Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical and Conditioning at Allegro this season. We look forward to seeing you in the studio this year and following you on your path to success!

Bella Grace


Bella Grace Lecomte started dancing at Allegro when she was 6 years old and continued as a  Competitive Dancer. Today, at age 15, she is an accomplished singer and is on her way to a very promising career. Bella was the grand champion at the Rising Star Talent Competition, she was cast as a Lego Friends Pop Star, she debuted for the York Symphony Orchestra as a classical singer, she is currently touring with her pop-rock band Girl Pow-r and will be releasing an original album this year. Bella Grace is certainly one to watch out for and we wish her good luck with all her future endeavors!

Alexandra Hall

Alex Hall began dancing at Allegro as a young girl and went on to join our Competitive Dance Program. She was accepted into the National Ballet School and began attending the professional program in Gr. 7.  Throughout her training, Alex danced many lead roles and also won scholarships. Last year, Alex graduated from NBS and was recently offered an Apprentice Contract with the National Ballet of Canada where she may be dancing Corps de Ballet roles in various ballets at The Four Seasons Centre in Toronto. We hope to catch her on stage this season and wish her luck as she dances some of her debut roles with the NBOC!