Competitive Dance – Full-Time & Part-Time

The Competitive Division at Allegro is geared towards students ages 6+ that have an aptitude or passion for dance and would like to pursue it more intensely. Throughout the year, Allegro dancers train a minimum of 6-10 hours per week, participate in 3 competitions, and may also be given the option for extra group dances, solos, duets, or trios.

Over the years, many Allegro Competitive alumni have been awarded with several exciting opportunities  and have been accepted into elite professional schools such as  Quinte, The Bolshoi Academy, The Royal Winnipeg and National Ballet School of Canada. Others have continued to pursue their dreams and are attending post-secondary University Theatre programs or dancing with world renowned companies  around the world, including The National Ballet of Canada.

Our Competitive Teachers are highly qualified and all have BFAs in dance or several years of professional education and experience on stage. Laura Dacyshyn, the director of the studio and principal teacher has been trained by the world’s most prestigious instructors across the globe. Being groomed at a professional school as well as working in a professional ballet company sets Laura and Allegro apart from others. She understands and implements the importance of classical training for proper technique and injury prevention; the need for patience in the development of young dancers; the balance that should be considered between studio time and family, school or extra-curricular commitments; and the importance of a community feel and sense of comradery between peers so that students can work together as a team while developing lifelong friendships through dance.

The Competitive program at Allegro is by audition or invitation only. When evaluating a dancer, many factors are taken into consideration including focus, natural ability, co-ordination, flexibility and previous training. Please call the studio for more details about the Allegro Competitive Dance program.



   Allegro also offers a Part-Time Competitive Program for Dancers that would like to perform more and take their training to the next level without the commitment of Full-Time hours. Two levels are offered between the ages of 10-16 years and enrollment is also through teacher recommendation or audition.