Are all Dancers Qualified to Teach Children?


Dance Teachers should be chosen and hired because of their credentials, experience, and character. Many performers are good dancers, but are they qualified to teach? Do they have experience maintaining control of a classroom? Are they clear with their instruction and prepared? Do they have a friendly disposition? And are they patient and good with kids?

Often the two are confused, but it is imperative that a dance instructor is not only an accomplished performer, but also a skilled teacher. It is always recommended that a teacher has experience on stage, however it is probably more important that they have logged enough hours in the studio so that they can effectively communicate to all of their students regardless of their learning approach.

At Allegro, we only hire good natured, experienced instructors with reputable teaching credentials. Of course, our teachers are also seasoned performers with affiliation and members of reputable unions such as ACTRA and EQUITY, but they are also accredited with teaching associations such as CDTA, PAEC, The Imperial System and The Russian Society of Dance. You can rest assured that staff at Allegro School of Dance will never be learning on the job or “winging” it in the class room.