What are the “Extras” Required for the Year End Show?


Most studios put on a year-end show in a professional theatre. As part of the show, students participating must have a costume for their dance routine.

Some studios may require parents to sew their own costume or find a seamstress to sew it for them. Or, you may be required to buy specific items from assigned stores that may or may not have your size in stock. Needless to say, this is can be very inconvenient and time consuming for busy parents, not to mention costly. If you are at a studio that supplies the costume, you will likely receive what may be an unexpected costume invoice throughout the year so that your dancer’s outfit is ordered and made. Often the cost of the costume is determined mid-year and the price could be a surprise.

At Allegro School of Dance, all recreational dance recital costumes are included in the tuition price. You will never receive a surprise invoice and costume fees will never inflate or be adjusted throughout the year. As parents at Allegro, you do not have to worry about any costume hassles. We work with professional companies to ensure that all recreational dancers will have a beautiful costume that is custom ordered to fit every child at no additional cost.