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Recital – The year-end recital will be on Saturday, June 18 at First Ontario Concert Hall (formally Hamilton Place Theatre) located at 1 Summers Lane in Hamilton, L8P 4Y3. There will be only one show on Saturday, beginning at 1pm. Please check the schedule posted at the studio and on our website to see when your class is performing.


Tickets – Recital Tickets will be available for purchase at the studio. To keep the cost of ticket prices down, all recital tickets will be sold through the studio.  The cost of tickets are $23.00 each ($19.47 + $2.53 HST + $1.00 Theatre Improvement Fee). Dancers who will be joining their families in the audience will require a ticket. Email of call the studio to place an order.


Arriving at the Theatre – Dancers should arrive at the theatre at least 1 hour before they are on stage. A change room list will be posted on the board when you first walk in. Please find your class name and head to the designated change room. Dancers may stay backstage for the entire show until they are picked up by their parents or they may leave earlier, as long as they are picked up and signed out by their parent. The show will be approximately 4 hours long including 2 intermissions.


Signing In and Out / Backstage Wristbands – When arriving at the theatre, ONE parent must sign in their dancer at the door leading to the dressing rooms (this door can be accessed from the main lobby). Upon signing in, you will receive a numbered wristband and this number will be recorded next to your child’s name. Please remember that the same parent who signed in their child must also sign them out after the performance and must have the matching numbered wristband on them. This procedure will definitely slow things down, however it is a safety precaution we must take. You will be given access only to their assigned dressing room, where you will drop off your dancer, get them settled in and then promptly precede to the audience. Once the show is in progress, only volunteers and/or the parent of Creative Movement dancers will be admitted access to the backstage area and must be wearing a colour coded wristband indicating backstage access. Once the performance begins only parents with kids in Creat. Mov. and Backstage Help Volunteers may remain backstage. The change room/backstage areas are very tight and there is a capacity we must not exceed at any time.


Dancers Watching the Show – Dancers are allowed to watch the show before (or after) they dance, as long as there is time. However, please be sure to sign them in at the sign in table as soon as you arrive (so that we know they are present) and write “in audience” beside their name. This way we do not worry about missing dancers. Please plan to return your dancer to the backstage area at least 1 hour before their scheduled onstage time. This will give them a chance to join their group and warm up. Once your child has finished dancing, you are welcome to grab them from the backstage area, sign them out and take them into the audience to watch the remainder of the show. Please remember dancers must cover up their costumes when in the audience and also have a ticket /seat.


Dress Rehearsal – There will be 1 dress-rehearsals on Monday, June 6 (5:30-7:45pm) at First Ontario Concert Hall. All Recreational Dancers must attend dress rehearsal in full costume with their hair and makeup done as if it were a real performance. This gives everyone a chance to get acquainted with the stage and practice their spacing before performing to an audience.

During the dress rehearsal, parents will be in charge of their own kids. Each family will only be allowed one parent backstage with them. No additional brothers, sister, grandparents or friends will be permitted backstage due to capacity regulations. You are encouraged to leave as soon as you are done dancing. THERE WILL BE NO ACCESS TO THE AUDIENCE DURING DRESS REHEARSAL. Click the link at the top of this post to see the dress rehearsal schedule, your on-stage time and call/arrival time. Please remember, our dress rehearsal runs on time and sometimes even ahead of schedule. Arrive at the theatre at least 45 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure you are warmed up and do not miss your practice on stage.


Pictures – Photos will be taken at the studio between Sunday, June 12th – Thursday, June 16th. There will be no charge to get your photo taken and please remember photos are optional, but encouraged. Every student will have an individual and group shot ready to purchase in the lobby on the day of the recital, not through Allegro. Additional enlargements and packages may be ordered through the photographer on that day, or by mail. Click the link at the top of this post to see the Picture Day schedule. Please arrive in full costume with your hair & makeup done. We almost always run on-time so please do not be late as you may miss your group photo.


Hair & Makeup for Recital & Dress Rehearsal – For all Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Creative Movement & Acro routines, hair should be worn in a very neat medium bun with no wispies and a hairnet that has elastic around the edge.  For Hip Hop routines, please wear a low ponytail. Makeup is required for all dancers. Blush & lipstick is sufficient for the little ones, however Level 1 and up should apply heavy street makeup in neutral colours on the eye, brick red lipstick and rosy blush so that they are not washed out by the stage lights. Also, remember to remove nail polish, tattoos & stickers from your shoes.


Tights & Shoes

  • All Ballet dancers please wear ballet pink tights & pink ballet slippers.
  • Jazz and Tap routines wear footed beige tights (unless told otherwise by their teacher). Jazz classes wear beige jazz shoes and Tap dancers wear black tap shoes.
  • Acro and Lyrical dancers wear beige footless tights (unless told otherwise by their teacher). Acro are in bare feel and Lyrical in “Body Wrappers” beige pleated half-soles or beige jazz shoes.
  • Hip Hop dancers are to provide their own clean black low cut converse style (real or imitation) shoes for the recital worn with black ankle socks.

Please check your tights for runs and snags (you may need to buy a new pair for the recital. Please do not wear underwear with your tights.


Backstage Help – Thank you in advance to everyone who will volunteered for backstage help. Please remember, if you do offer to help, you will not be able to watch the show from the audience and you will have to stay backstage for the entire performance to help with your group. We require a lot of extra help for all the shows. Please see the sign-up sheet in the studio if you would like to volunteer, the sign-up sheet can be found on the lobby bulletin board.


Videos – First Ontario Concert Hall does not allow videotaping or flash photography in the theatre however a professional recording of the recital will be available. Pre-order forms are available at the studio or by clicking the link above, printing and handing in with payment.


Directions to First Ontario Concert Hall – Take the QEW/ON-403 W via the ramp to Hamilton. Continue on the 403 W and follow signs for Hamilton/Brantford. Take the Main St E exit and merge onto Main St. Turn left on Summers Lane and First Ontario Concert Hall entrance is on your right. Underground and street parking is available. In the past we have had some dancers that have missed their dress rehearsal due to traffic. To avoid that, please allow ample time to get to First Ontario Concert Hall and plan for traffic on Wednesday night.


Entering / Exiting the Theatre – If you have to enter the audience once the show is in progress, please be respectful of the dancers and audience members by waiting until an appropriate break to be seated.  Wandering in and out in the middle of a dance is very distracting to the performers on stage and also to those watching the show. Please make a very big effort to stay seated for the entire act, until intermission. In previous years, not only have audience members been interrupted  by parents coming and going, but also, patrons have hurt themselves because they are navigating the theatre in the dark. Thank you for understanding.


Show OrderThe exact show order will be posted in the studio and on our website at the beginning of June. Please note, once it is posted, there may be very minimal adjustments for unforeseen conflicts with quick changes.