Learn From The Best at Allegro!

At Allegro School of Dance, we are committed to giving you the absolute best and our highly qualified instructors are no exception. When you enroll for a class at Allegro, you will always receive first-class instruction from educators and performers that have devoted their lives to their craft.

Collectively, our faculty has trained with the world’s top instructors. As a result, each and every one them is qualified to pass on the same techniques and methods that provided them with a successful career in the performing-arts. All of our teachers on staff have BFAs in Dance or years of performing experience  with renowned dance and production companies such as, The National Ballet of Canada, The Alberta Ballet, Cadence Contemporary Ballet Company, The Netherlands International Dance Theatre, Mirvish Productions, On Broadway Productions, The Stratford Festival and Cirque du Soleil, to name just a few.

Whether you are planning on a professional career in dance or simply signing up for fun, we believe that everyone is entitled to good training along with an opportunity to learn from the best. Our staff at Allegro know about the progressions that must be followed to properly train a dancer because they’ve become one themselves.

Please read on to find out why you can put your trust in the Allegro School of Dance teaching faculty and know that when you enroll  for dance lessons, our passionate instructors are devoted to making your valuable time in class, their top priority.