Natalie Smith

Miss Natalie began dancing at age 3 and continued her training at Allegro School of Dance for 14 years! It didn’t take long before Natalie realized her passion for dance and she began to immerse herself in all styles and genres, dancing competitively for almost a decade. Her diversity as a performer has landed her dancing roles in various films and TV shows including “The Next Step”, “Backstage”, “A Nutcracker Christmas”, “In the Tall Grass”, and “Breaking the Mold”. She has performed onstage in the touring show for “The Next Step” and most recently in “Enchoreo”, a piece staged by the Ryerson University Theatre Program, where she is currently enrolled. While continuing her studies in dance, Natalie broadens her knowledge by attending yearly workshops with Toronto based choreographers such as Robert Glumback and Roberto Campenella (Pro Arte Danza), Kenny Pearl, Apalonia Velasquez, and Alysa Pires, to name just a few. Miss Natalie is very excited to be working at the studio where she grew up and is looking forward to teaching the next generation of Allegro Dancers!