Carole L.

We have been part of Allegro family for many years. For the first few, my daughter Amelie tried different types of dances, including Jazz, Ballet and Tap out of the many choices offered by the studio. The variety of recreational classes led by professionally trained teachers provide a great opportunity for kids to identify their interest.

Amelie joined the competitive team in 2014 and started to commit more hours to dance. It has been a great experience ever since. Thanks to the effective training and well thought choreography of the Allegro Teachers, they have done very well in all the competitions. The nurturing environment of the studio, the team effort in competition, and the bonding between each other have had very positive impact on Amelie’s life and will be her memory to be cherished for lifetime. She has become a strong, tenacious, dedicated dancer!

We are looking forward to another exciting dance year!

Nourhan E.

Our daughters have been living such a wonderful experience since they joined Allegro 4 years ago. They enjoy learning discipline, understand appropriate self-body image and have gained a lot of confidence in themselves, as well as learning proper technique that is more than essential in the dance world. Allegro School of Dance is an outstanding studio which feels more like a home to everyone there. The teachers are terrific with the kids and truly passionate about what they are doing. Allegro possesses the right combination of encouragement and constructive teaching, causing students to continually improve while always loving to dance. We love the inspiring atmosphere and the reassurance granted to the kids. We can’t wait to see what the coming years will bring at Allegro!

Allegro School of Dance is a wonderful place with a positive influence on our daughters and will always continue to be. We are watching them grow into very elegant and talented dancers. Allegro is a genuinely caring facility or better said a genuinely caring second home. All teachers connect with their students and show a deep understanding of their young minds and personalities. Our daughters truly enjoy dancing at Allegro. They love the rush of competition like any young dancer does, and feel much better when dancing with Allegro. Our daughters are always telling us that at Allegro, they explains things in a way that is easy to understand, not much like other studios. Allegro simply insures a safe, respectful and fun environment. Since our daughters have joined the Allegro family they both made many wonderful friendships that will continue to last. Thank you to Allegro School of Dance for sharing your beautiful talents with the community.