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Allegro School of Dance has been serving the community for 19+ years!

Visit us today to see why we will always be your #1 choice for Dance Lessons in Oakville!

In 2002 we started as a very small studio, running classes out of a church basement to less than 30 students. Since then, we have grown to become one of the largest and most respected dance schools in Oakville. We have thrived, solely because our clients and dancers feel we are able to suit their needs by providing them with the highest quality dance instruction in a positive, fun, professional and organized environment.

As a parent, we know that you have a choice between several different dance academies. However, all schools are not the same. We are constantly renovating our facility, our teachers are always furthering their training and we are meetings client demands by evolving from year to year, ensuring that our students, and their families, are provided with the best experience possible.

Today, as in 2002, there are still several dance studios to choose from. We invite you to compare the features and options we have provided to our clients so that you too can see why Allegro School of Dance has become Oakville’s #1 choice!



1. Professionally Sprung Floors – Our state-of-the-art “Harlequin” dance floors have been installed for injury prevention.

2. Parent Viewing Windows to Every Studio – You always see what is happening in the classroom at all times.

3. Full-Time Desk Staff – Someone will always be there to help you so instructors can focus on teaching instead of dealing with administrative issues.

4. Security Cameras – For student’s safety.

5. Qualified Teachers – Accredited by RAD, CDTA, Russian Society of Dance & PEAC and union member with ACTRA & EQUITY;  High school students will never be your child’s primary teacher.

6. Dancers Taught and Motivated by Encouragement – Teachers are hired not only for their skill and accreditation, but also for their character and patience when working with kids.

7. Same Teachers for ALL – Recreational and Competitive Dancers share the same teachers, studio space and perform in the same recital; all dancers receive equally qualified instruction regardless of their level.

8. Options that Fit Your Schedule – We have 5 studios running so there is sure to be an appropriate class that works with YOUR busy schedule.

9. Age Grouped Classes – Several levels of the same dance style are offered for students of different ages and abilities;  your 9 year old will not be in the same class as a 5 year old.

10. Proven Training Track Record – Several students have been accepted to professional intensives and full-time programs at the Royal Winnipeg, Quinte, School of American Ballet & Canada’s National Ballet School as well as Ryerson University’s Theatre Program. Also, Allegro has alumni dancing in professional companies such as The National Ballet of Canada and Luzerner Theatre in Switzerland.

11. Recital Costumes Included – Costumes are included in yearly tuition fees; there will be no surprise invoices throughout the year and you will not be responsible for sewing your own recital costume.

12. Affordable Recitals in Professional Venues – Bringing your entire family to the recital will not break your bank.

13. Competitive Pricing – Our fees are comparable to all other dance studios; you will pay the same, but receive more.

14. No Fundraising – You will never be asked to raise money to supplement studio costs.

15. Customer Appreciation BBQ & Fun Day – Bonding celebration for dancers and their families, all free of charge.

16. Fun Dance Classes and Friendly Studio Atmosphere – It is possible to provide good training in an inspiring and uplifting environment so your kids always leave with a smile on their face.



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What Every Parent Should Know Before
Choosing A Dance Studio



Allegro’s Recreational Dance Program is designed for students that love to move and would like to improve their skills by spending one or more hours in the studio per week. All disciplines of dance are offered at a Recreational Level and taught by highly accredited Allegro instructors that are devoted to the development of their students and have a passion for teaching students of all ages and abilities.

When Recreational Dancers are younger and just beginning, they are placed primarily by age. However, as they progress and develop, higher levels may have a variety of ages depending on experience and expertise. All Recreational Dancers perform in the year-end Recital at our professional venue and share the stage with their peers in a group piece that is choreographed specifically for them. There are no mandatory classes that Recreational Dancers must take; some may choose to spend more time in the studio and others may only be enrolled in one class per week, allowing for flexibility with busy schedules and homework. Many Recreational Dance classes are offered every day of the week with various times and teachers to choose from. Regardless of your level of expertise, Allegro is sure to have a class that is perfect for you!

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The Competitive Division at Allegro is geared towards students ages 6+ that have an aptitude or passion for dance and would like to pursue it more intensely. Throughout the year, Allegro dancers train a minimum of 6-10 hours per week, participate in 3 competitions, and may also be given the option for extra group dances, solos, duets, or trios.

Over the years, many Allegro Competitive alumni have been awarded with several exciting opportunities  and have been accepted into elite professional schools such as  Quinte, The Bolshoi Academy, The Royal Winnipeg and National Ballet School of Canada. Others have continued to pursue their dreams and are attending post-secondary University Theatre programs or dancing with renowned companies  around the world, including The National Ballet of Canada.

Our Competitive Teachers are highly qualified and all have BFAs in dance or several years of professional education and experience on stage. Laura Dacyshyn, the director of the studio and principal ballet teacher has been trained by the world’s most prestigious instructors across the globe. Being groomed at a professional school sets Laura and Allegro apart from other studios and directors that were trained in a Recreational / Competitive Dance Environment. She understands the importance o

f classical training for proper technique and injury prevention; the need for patience in the development of young dancers; the balance that should be considered between studio time and family, school or extra-curricular commitments; and the importance of a community feel and sense of comradery between peers so that students can work together as a team while developing lifelong friendships through dance.

The Competitive program at Allegro is by audition or invitation only.  Please call the studio for more details about the Allegro Competitive Dance program.


Allegro also offers a Part-Time Competitive Program for Dancers that would like to perform more and take their training to the next level without the commitment of Full-Time hours. Three levels are offered between the ages of 7-17 years and enrollment is also through teacher recommendation or audition.